So, right now alots been going on and alot will go on in the near future. first off:

Tomorrow at BHS we have a “late start” because Sophmores and Freshman have to take a Math Taks test. Seniors or at least Calculus students have to take a Mock AP Calculus Exam, so im free all morning until 11. but heres the catch, i dont have a first period and lunch is right after 1st period. so that means i can get to school at 12:45 haha.

A Great Day
Saturday, i had an AP english 3 review session at Lee HS. The day entailed unlimited shipleys, pizza hut, and coke. then because i was EMOing about never winning raffles during one of the classes, i won one of the raffles. $10 dollar gift card to Blockbuster. oh yeah and the day ended with me checking my mail outside for NHS stuff at 11pm. i got in! makes me wonder why i didnt apply last year haha. that was a good day indead

Relient K CRAZE
Ive been on a Relient K Fanatic for weeks now. Hence the definition of “derek” at the top of the website. ITs all thanks for Jordan Ing the coolest kid i know. that new CD “Five score and seven years ago” is awesome. “must have done something right”, “Up and Up”, and “Faking My own suicide” (listen to the last one at the top of the page)

Deleted Pokemon = tear”
I was at testmasters and i restarted my pokemon ruby version to test out a glitch in my game. i fell asleep and my friend saved my game and turned it off for me because they didnt want to drain my batter. TEAR* lol its ok, more fun for me

Physics Boat Project
That ws af un day, we got a 129/125 in total because of bonus points. because one of my friends was on an orchestra trip to disneyworld, i had to sub in for her, and i accidentall sunk her boat, ah i felt so bad. haha but then the day ended well. my friends vijay and satish were racing and so they finished the race and got acrossthe pool and back and so 5 of us decide to massacre their boats and jump on them while they were still in the boat. they were dry ONCE, not anymore haha

thats all for now folks, check out the RKness


4 thoughts on “

  1. XsoulmageX April 17, 2007 / 12:33 am

    RK = ryan kwak.
    oh and last friday was the 5th C i’ve gotten on bio tests. with bonus of course. You’re typical Ceejan. TYVM.
    poor ruby. i remember back in teh good ole days when i had blue version with gameboy pocket… then i began to play runescape…

    my blue version is so screwed up, i think it has an effing virus on it

  2. PROCRASTINATING_PERFECTIONIST April 18, 2007 / 10:23 am

    *reads taks week* WARRRRRRRRRRRR!! huuuuuuhhh!! lol u can be topanga i want “WAAAAAAAAAAAR”

  3. FatalAce April 26, 2007 / 7:51 pm

    hey do you have to play pokemon diamond on a ds or is there any emulator that’s compatible so you can play on the computer?

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