A Diary Entry on Camp Impact 07 Day 1 (i’ll write these one at a time)

DUDE Camp IMPACT 2007 was great. sadly alot of my friends could not go, but for those who did, and those friends whom i made my posse, we had fun. eventful and quite eye opening. lets start

when we first got there, it was raining like crazy. we got our stuff and had to hide our impact booklets to keep it from getting wet. it hid my stuff inside my shorts haha funny i know. then we put our stuff inside our log cabins. it turned out that there are 20 bunks in one cabin and the cabin is like one room. luckily i chose the one that was right next to the air conditioner so i didnt get hot during the night. there was one bunk that said, “if you sleep in this bed tonight, you will die because a spider will kill you” turns out later that it was true because i killed spider on the second to last day about the size of a cookie haha. no one died thankfully.

we kind of hung out there for a while waiting for rain to cool down. i switch to flip flops because my shoes were ruined. i ran back through the trail to the covered rec and then helped take the snacks out of the bus but then i got SOAKED. like i just jumped straight into the lake (which i did do later on but thats not the point) haha then helped some people find their cabins including david chen. this way i figured out the layout of the camp. for a while i just hung out and then i found my one and only cool cantonese sane sana. haha i only see her about twice a year maybe so i had to go hang with her. then i found out shes in my family, so all the better. went with her to the worship hall. and nearly froze to death. still raining btw. puddles of mud and half dead floating ants biting us.

then went back to the covered rec and watched a spades fest. found mary and elaine and just talked and talked until we were called to go to the dining hall. =DD they forced us to take milk but i wasnt complaining, i love milk!! i learned at that point that i needed and umbrella bad. then came worship by whcc and then the message. jason crandall rocks. then ice breakers. apparently i still have carpet burn from that night haha. met all my family. im actually the only senior in that family and everyone else is a junior w00t! maturity.

ran back through the rain, and then small group and sleep. btw: that night was the only night i actually went to sleep at lights out. and people snore… and at this point i still had my voice. haha. ill write more later.


2 thoughts on “A Diary Entry on Camp Impact 07 Day 1 (i’ll write these one at a time)

  1. XsoulmageX August 6, 2007 / 3:29 pm

    you’re a senior?
    that’s crazy..

  2. aiyaaah August 7, 2007 / 4:33 am

    sane. HAHAHAHA. i could so be a senior pshhh. you were in the family because you’re little like us 😀

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