A Diary Entry on Camp Impact 07 Day 2

So like, the start of a new day. The night before we had a pact to wake up early enough to go to morning prayer. but the problem was that for 20 people in our cabin, there were only 2 sinks to brush your teeth and stuff. so i went inside the meeting room cabin in our guy’s circle of cabins and brushed my teeth and stuff =D good thing its abandoned. haha so i ran over to prayer and they grouped us off according to shirt color i think? i was in red! and thats where i met one of the coolest counselors ever… problem was i forgot her name sadly.

then breakfast, and since i dont eat white food that often i was like… wowza. yes i term breakfast food white food. but sadly in the presence of eggs and pancakes i chose cocoa pebbles!! Then came the arduous task of finding my prayer partner caleb ngai. he turned out to be a deeper person over the course of our time together than i thought. i was really glad that God surprised me. i shouldnt be so quick to judge then right? then quiet time. i was a bit dissapointed because it didnt even ask you to reference your bible and so i was like… err then came worship and service with jason’s message, touching as always

w00t then our first family meeting. thats always fun right? we sat over by the lake where there were 3 sets of benches. there i got to know at least some of the people. sat next to alvin and sana. sad that i actually remember this right? annie was at the very right of the bench next to sana. then across from us sat 3 of the girls amber, sophie, and jo anne in that order? hmm then in the middle bench were our counselors and caleb and jeff. hmm at first i felt a small conviction to discuss everything but after a while i learned that letting others share is just as important. its arrogant right? not that i have anything to share to begin with but yeah … i later learned that sophie wasnt as quiet as i sought her to be. another time where i judge too early. sigh**

haha we talked way to long because i learned i was 10 minutes late for worship. kevin and daniel were just as late so i was ok. FAMILY ISSUES!! well i didnt get the answers i was seeking but it gave me a outlet of answers to family issues whatever they may be. and so candace tam was trying to find her answer abouth er family issues, and i later learned what they were. ah if eel bad i didnt write her an egram. but yeah the message was enlightening. it was sort of a build up of the realization that made later on which is posted as a protected post. but yeah yeah just like, that song called “Lean on me” ? yeah question of why i cant lean on God. hmm

then came lunch followed by the first organized games of WATER BALLOONS!! w00t essentially a game of duck duck goose but with hand holding ooh lala haha ok thats just kinda corny but its fun. i must admit. (message to sana, you smacked me with a water balloon and it didnt pop haha) but yeah following that incursion, went back to our jonahs whale cabin and changed shoes and shirt and practiced skit for an hour. the props we had to use were duffle bag, ski hat, toilet paper, paper cups, tin foil, stuffed animal. haha so random. themes is more than meets the eye and also you must have a moral. we had chosen so you think you can dance? haha it was fun. we essentially made the plot caleb being a really bad dancer with amber and amazing alone. and the judges judge him too soon. another story that kinda embraces my “too-quick-to-judge” ideal.

then was free time. essentially went blobbing with sana due to a lack of time to plan to do anything else. but you know, it was worth it. havent seen her or hung out with her for a while so some one on one time with her is always good. at first it was just me, her and a bunch of other freshman. sweet no one there. then the fun came with the fishies left and sean and josh came. we FLEW!! josh launched me at least 10 feet w00t. w00t. in due time we became advertisements for others to come as  it did look like uber fun. after some people had to leave for worship practice i spent the remainder of the free time swinging and climbing trees to the 15 foot mark. sweet.

dinner, showered in the abandoned jonahs whale cabin. w00t no distractions. haha then worship with HCC now. it was great. and then the message. then after the message hcc decides to destroy my voice =D TAKE IT ALL! thanks alot guys. its ok that was way cool. then  organized games! including the mascot game which i messed up dearly sorry all.  called the wrong name out =/ then small group and sleep. fell asleep before it was time to turn off the lights. died more like it.  thats day 2.


6 thoughts on “A Diary Entry on Camp Impact 07 Day 2

  1. aiyaaah August 8, 2007 / 3:44 am

    killing your voice is fun. we’d kill it at post camp too if we could

  2. XsoulmageX August 8, 2007 / 8:32 pm

    oh myyy… i had to write these thigns in SHANGHAI… just the problem… i had to write them in chinese ><…. aiyeee… dat was irritatin. write so much! ur gonna be a writer wen yu grows big.

  3. znykcu1 August 8, 2007 / 10:43 pm

    sounds like you had a lot of fun!never been to impact…so don’t really know how it goesbut i’m sure it’s fun! :]

  4. aznangelz36 August 9, 2007 / 8:55 pm

    you went to a workshop after family time, dude. not worship 🙂 and your grammar sucks sometimes. =P

  5. ttylguys August 10, 2007 / 1:58 pm

    do you know stanley liu? he’s my brother and he went too. how’s your summer? i just came back from taiwan. haha!

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