A Diary Entry on Camp Impact 07 Day 3

Ok so as the days pass it gets harder and harder to write these without forgetting what happened oh well. everything will be ok. so this morning starts once again with prayer, except this morning, i woke up at 7:30 flat and prayer starts at 7:30 am so yeah time to rush. the funny thing is i know i woke up 2 times before 7:30 yet i didnt actually get up. I RAN!!! haha ran out of the cabin straight to the worship room for morning prayer. surprisingly i got there at 7:35 =DD ok so i guess im more amazed that anyone else but still that was really cool. next came breakfast, prayer partner, and then quiet time. on this day, i didnt do my quiet time and it kindof plagued me for the rest of camp so on the bus ride home from camp i did that remaining quiet time. sigh**

during prayer partner i learned alot about caleb, about where he wants to go if he had the choice. the biblical answer is probably heaven but like.. its fun to see other views. i of course would say something like.. camp impact but since im already there im pretty content. i remember him saying hong kong =D thats cool. i really was starting to like him so i hope i keep in touch with him.

following that was morning service. this was the first time we had a day where people lost their stuff. w00t thats always fun. video is on my facebook but it was of the traditional “im a little teapot” during this however service, it was amazing, he had an altercall and just like… to ask for those who wanted to give penitence and my first impression was… “why so early??” but uhh yeah it was really cool to see God’s work in that tiny room of ours. He essentially gave his testimony that morning, and just part of me was welling up. i can’t tell you whether it was emotion erupting for his story or was it just feelings inside myself that could share with his; i really dont know.. but it was cool =)

Family time today was devoted to the service; we were on the playground for family time this time. it was fun and nice to have a change of environment, a few less ants crawling up my legs, but umm i remember Jesse closed with a comment to ask us to think of our own testimonies and it really made my think of what mine is. actually, i still kindof wonder. help? joking, its ok ill figure this out soon. Then the workshop discussed Christ and Culture and Andy Yip showed us a great video discussing how people view Jesus (positive) and how people view christians. i was like… *jaw drop* the class itself was in the LOFT (i dunno why i remember that) For some reason i remember this picture that recreated.

followed by lunch =D Organized games were fun today. it was essentially that game i want to call “bullets” but i know its not called that. groups pick an “it” and they must protect the IT while running through a battlefield. the battlefield is full of counselours throwing water balloons. how nice. i was totally soaked so we switched ITS after the game so that caleb was it. =D how fun.

we did some more skit practice and this was the final set up. annie=mc. rosanna and i pretend to dance and we start with spirit fingers then follow up with cavalier that fails miserably (on purpose of course) then judges comments, then amber and caleb dance, then caleb dances and he pwns. wish i got a video for that. sigh**

then i get my one-on-one. the least i can say is that i learned something, i dunno ill talk to someone about it when i need to, no worries. then free time, spent a ton of it looking for mary or rosanna or kevin or jerms but didnt find anyone. ultimately i just died and sat alone at some table occasionally waving hi to people i knew. that ended up being me waving to people every minute or so, maybe i should stop getting to know people. meh.

dinner, which today was a lasagna dinner. got to get to know amber better. she too khoo. and then joanne is like, “someone likes you” when it appears that im helping her alot with the serving and stuff. i was like.. “err. which reminds me, i resolved to have better table manners and such.” haha no i dont like amber like that; she is pretty (ah blush) but no i dont. wow i hope she never reads that. meh.

then ran back to shower before worship. then worship session and my voice is still dead =D whcc played again. 2 people accepted Christ that night. w00t!! ok so then skits went on into the night. i know sue anna yeh has all the videos. we’ll get to see those at postcamp (which is tonight!)

then sleep… thats all i have to say about that day haha sorry its so short


4 thoughts on “A Diary Entry on Camp Impact 07 Day 3

  1. aiyaaah August 11, 2007 / 1:21 am

    HONG KONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGand nice 5 mins..dang.

  2. lil_kev23 August 18, 2007 / 12:38 am

    you forgot to mention the part where I J’d you. haha jk. good seeing you today.

  3. new_lyfe August 18, 2007 / 3:18 am

    i just read all 3 of your journal entries! Aren’t you proud of me? I know how to read. JK, awesome stuff man. I’m glad that camp is made a really huge IMPACT on your life. Keep chasing after God’s own heart.PS: Hong Kong rocks, almost as awesome as Heaven, but just not as much.

  4. aznangelz36 August 19, 2007 / 12:34 am

    hm. notice the first. same as all of your posts.

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