i don’t know who this is

So, today after playing 3 hours of volleyball, I was relaxing and sitting at my computer. I opened up my MSword browser and found this little passage typed up on my “wall”; I don’t know who wrote it (although I have a pretty good idea), but I do want to thank that amazing person 🙂 Someone once told me, “When He wants to send a Blessing, He sends another person to bless your heart.” That person isn’t wrong

“Hey Derek!!!

I am in your room right now. I just had some tea and biscuits (aka Gatorade and pizza rolls). Twas good. You are at a guitar concert or something so I’m writing on your wall (aka Microsoft word). Btw, your cane’s cup is still on your desk—throw it away please. Grosse.
now that I have been cutting with you, I will now encourage you.
its been a joy talking to you this past year, you have grown a lot in Christ and it’s very encouraging to see God working through your life. You’re doing a great job using what God has given you to serve Him and glorify Him. Your surrenderence [made up a word] to yourself for others is something many others can’t see, but God can and He’ll definitely reward you for it. So keep it up, you’re doing a great job that is one very asian smiley.
thanks for always checking up on me and encouraging me and talking to me and such. It’s like a twin brother I’ve never had [you aren’t an older brother nor are you a younger brother…well sometimes.] haha so I can say twin 🙂
well I hope you have a great night!!



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