dudee, I can’t study anymore. Well, honestly I really wasn’t studying in the first place. Now to pose question for you; What is the BEST thing that can happen in a GiG? 🙂 This year I have been blessed to a GiG (Group Investigating God) Leader. One of the people I’ve been leading a GiG with is named Ulises, and tonight, he accepted Christ into his life! Am I happy? no.. but ecstatic? YES!

Two days ago, an event called After Dark was hosted here at the aTm campus at Reed Arena. After Dark is a traveling concert with a speaker geared toward spreading the good news through the act of building a cross onstage; the message itself is shaped around “That’s My King” and very powerful and moving. However, that Monday, Ulises was busy with school work and couldn’t go. Here was a text message from the Tuesday morning after:

I’m glad I got to see you there. And I’m glad you got to go. 🙂 can you do me a favor? 11:36 PM
Sarah: Depends on the favor, but sure i’m up for it. 7:44 AM
Me: Can you pray for ulises? I was a little disappointed that he was unable to go yesterday; I talked to him afterward and He actually did want to go, but he thought it was only a concert, no speaker. thats all 🙂 7:59 AM
Me: I think the message would have been really appropriate for him and so I hope to be able to relay the same message to him, probably not as passionately though. 8:03 AM

Sarah: Yes of course! 9:18 AM

Sarah: Yea, he told me that before college he believed in God but was kinda a nonpracticing catholic. I’ve actually already been praying for him and you because 9:21 AM
Sarah: it looked like you were really trying to witness to him. 9:21 AM
Me: yup 🙂 I’m actually his Gig Leader. Intervarsity calls it a “Group Investigating God.” Sort of like a disciple or small group leader, but it’s always encouragin 9:51 AM

Me: g to know someone is praying 🙂

I was really praying that I would be able to relay the same message to him.. someday, but I still had no idea what God had in store for me, or him for that matter. Who knew that night (Tuesday night), everything would change for him?

Tuesday night is the weekly Breakaway Ministries Bible Study. Breakaway is the largest student-organized bible study in the world. Tonight, I decided to sit alone away from others for the sake of spending quality time with God without the justifiable influence of surrounding friends. The message was about not planning without God’s will. For me, the message was similar to other messages that I had heard in the past, but I still prayed that God would allow me to apply the message and use it for His will. Who knew that prayer would be answered so soon?

I went back after Breakaway to my room. Tuesday November 3, 2009 was Silver Taps, a night held once a month dedicated to past Ags and Aggies who have passed away. Ulises’s room faces the direction of the event so he had to keep his lights off in respect, but because my room faces away, I have the ability to keep my lights on. So I invited him over to my room. At first I thought it was just a friendly conversation. At first, we were talking about  food and discussing the content of corn dogs. It seemed like this conversation would be like any other small talk.

But God had other plans.

He then, out of nowhere, asked for advice. The topic was completely out of blue, so I asked God to speak through me and just use me in a most pure and glorifying way. I prayed very quickly to be used by God and for Him to speak truth and gratitude through my words and speak to his heart. What started as advice turned to a discussion of leading a Christ-centered life. Then that led to a defining of God’s will. Then God just blew me away. He applied that night’s Breakaway message to the spiritual conversation. We were talking about planning, hoping, and longing about our future. We were talking about pausing during our lives, knowing tomorrow is not set; that our knowledge is limited because we know not tomorrow. And then we discussed God being the only being who knows our future, the only one who decides that we live and what we do with our lives. Then we realized, everything and all praise should be to Him and that His will is all that should be planned upon. Yes. God applied the message in the most meaningful way possible. Yes. He spoke through me.

And then Ulises, asked that I present the Gospel. The good news. Ulises said that everything was starting to click. Everything started to make sense. He prayed with me for guidance, for understanding, for trust, and for love and grace. Tears trickled out of the corners of his eyes. I felt the spirit in my tiny 11×11 foot room, but it didn’t matter how it happened, because the Holy Spirit was there. I spoke to him about the Gospel after his prayer. And the most fearful moment of us came upon me. “Do you believe Jesus Christ Died for our sins? Do you believe you are saved and forsaken in Christ? Do you believe in the God who sacrificed himself for you?

“Yes”, he said. The rest is history. 🙂

Ulises Perez was saved at 12:10 AM on November 4, 2009. God used me in the greatest way possible. Am I happy? no.. but ecstatic? YES! Once again, I ask, What is the BEST thing that can happen in a GiG? I don’t know the answer this question, because I can’t plan any further than the now. I must live in the now, but that won’t stop me from giving my praise to the great almighty God! Good Day!


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  1. dontjokingme November 4, 2009 / 3:32 am

    omg. derek! i am involved with leading gigs also. i have been meeting up with two of my really good friends for the past year! im so glad to hear you are doing well and accomplishing great things through God!-david

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