did you know “OK” is a sideways smiley?

Two all nighters in a row isn’t a pretty way to start the week. Who disagrees?

This-is-a-story-all-about-how. my-WEEK-got-flipturned-upsidedown, and I’d-like-ya-to-take-a-moment, just-sit-right-there, I’ll-tell-ya-all-about-how I got my birthday present today.

so I finished my ochem and cell biology testing tuesday, or today really. I studied all this past weekend and pulled two all nighters on friday and saturday, but I feel confident about that exam. It feels liberating, but I must remind myself what tonight has in store for me. I still need to work on 4 ochem labs in the next 2 days. celebrate? haha, I still feel good. OK

I came back from class and I got a surprise from esther who had a surprise from yukko, who had a surprise from anna. (my birthday present!) Ah I love my friends. I do miss anna li, and I can’t wait to see her this thanksgiving. The present included a jar of peanut butter, a new compact NIV bible, a pair of rainbow sunglasses, and a GAP cap. Here’s an excerpt of the attached note/birthday card:

“I also really like the GAP logo because (I’m not sure if I’ve told you this before) it represents two really awesome phases: God *always* Provides.

speaking of which. my to-do list! (or already-done list.. OK)

  1. I talked to my mom yesterday for the first time in a week. felt liberating! I want to webcam with the family soon
  2. I want to plan something for thanksgiving. apparently, anna, jo anne, emily, jordan, rohini, and jenny expect me to hang. Excited!
  3. windows 7! black friday! so many good deals springing up online.
  4. 4 ochem labs. whippee?
  5. birthday present from jwei (btw: shoutout to jwei for making a new layout for my youtube!) waiting for me at home! meaning.. THANKSGIVING!

I can’t wait for thanksgiving hehe



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