Guys should always take the Initiative. Remember this Derek!

This has just been a great week, but starting with the biggest news of all.
MY BEST FRIEND IS ENGAGED! his name is ryan, and he just proposed to his girlfriend today by driving down to montgomery to propose. he decorated her bed with rose petals and posted pictures of other asking-proposal-methods. really complicated, but I spent my time with him and dedicated it to documenting the entire thing. i’m totally stoked. wouldn’t it be awesome to be a best man? I think I’m thinking too far ahead now.. but just to be at the wedding would already make my day. They settled on a date for the wedding already. May 28. I have already set aside 400 dollars for the plane ticket to virginia if neccesary. I must also remember to keep them in my prayers. haha but I think it’s safe to say I won’t be hearing from them for a few days now.

ryan really knows how push me to question my intentions and re-evaluate my interests. i guess a currentl dwelling thought on my mind is whether youre ready to date, why date, what should you seek in a relationship, and who. I won’t digress too much right now, but I will say that the asian culture I was brought up in taught me to gain financial security before even putting a toe over the line into dating territory. that just isn’t so true anymore. True, I’ve dated, but sometimes with less mature intentions. I would never say those relationships were a mistake; they helped shape and mold me into the more mature man I am becoming, but ryan’s proposal alongside many successful relationships I keep hearing about are making me re-evaluate my interests and intentions. I guess a note of advice to myself now and in the future is to try to keep from immediately rejecting ideas that do not follow my readily accepted values. that means, don’t turn your face the wrong way when something is looking you dead in the eye. ok, bad analogy.

A Few Other Recent Thoughts:

  • Glee made a cover of Lean on me. Tis one of my favorite songs
  • talked to esther about “taking initiative”. and also talked to Andrea about it to. Decided, guy’s should take initiative, and girls should stop complaining. (Girls are stupid; they complicate life :P)
  • Recently discovered that a new friend of mine is a Digimon Fan. *excellent* (in a mr.burns’-y scheming way)
  • VASA formal was a blast. still awaiting our G-photos, but I can say the night was without a doubt an experience. Also, aaron can “dance”, but only if you stand `5 meters from him, for your own safety 😛
  • Thanksgiving is coming up and that means black friday!
  • I bought a pair of jackets and track pants from oldnavy/gap for very low prices. made me happy haha. along with a watch and a beanie online.
  • Still praying for Ulises. Extremely happy that he accepted Christ. Watch over him.


One thought on “Guys should always take the Initiative. Remember this Derek!

  1. picklerat November 19, 2009 / 9:30 am

    i would have to step in and say that if you ever got the idea that this (“the asian culture I was brought up in taught me to gain financialsecurity before even putting a toe over the line into dating territory”) was true, then we were not communicating well with you.replace the word “dating” with “marriage,” and that’s the message that you were suppoed to get.

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