eek – being myself.

Why is it that when you like another person, you can never act yourself around them no matter how hard you try to be ‘normal’?


/edit/ more updated point, I can’t act myself around her when we’re in a large group and I am less awkward and more genuine when it’s one on one. is that dangerous?

I feel like there are a lot of awkward silences ACK


3 thoughts on “eek – being myself.

  1. ClumsyMaria December 6, 2009 / 5:13 pm

    maybe because you try to act in a way so that they might reciprocate your feelings?that’s always something we hope for, right?XD

  2. new_lyfe December 7, 2009 / 3:45 am

    cuz you’re not confident that the “regular you” would be enough to impress her, so you become very conscious of your actions and speech to make sure you’re not doing anything wrong. Be more confident, Derek. If she reciprocate to your feelings towards her while you’re not in your usual character, then she’ll feel cheated later on. Be yourself. You seem to be a God honoring, loving guy.

  3. Fat_P3NGU1N December 9, 2009 / 12:01 am

    ^Waiaka has a good point.But here’s my semi-long schpeel (which I won’t know how long it is until I submit it).So what I figured out is that people act a certain way pertaining as to how they perceive certain strangers when they first meet. If you meet someone and subconsciously put them in the “potential dating” category, then it is harder to act your “normal” self because, like Waiaka said, you will subconsciously turn on your “trying to impress/flirtatious” side and wouldn’t want to make any wrong moves that will detract from you hopefully becoming attractive to this person. On the other hand, if you meet someone and put them into the “just friends” category, it is easier to act yourself because you’re not expecting anything beyond friendship, therefore, there isn’t the want to impress her.Assuming by your post, this girl had fallen into the former category and you are in “trying to impress” mode (no matter how hard you try, it’s subconsciously there). So now you two are becoming friendly-acquaintances, but since you place her into that category or since you are attracted to her, it is hard to be “normal” as you are with your friends. What do you do?Well, speaking from experience, you have to somehow move her to the “just friends” category. Try to focus more on develop the friendship rather than trying to get intimate. I mean, in a way this is “getting over someone” or “suppressing feelings”, but you will definitely feel more comfortable being yourself and normal when it happens.Unfortunately, there’s a plausible downfall to all of this. Basically, once your mind doesn’t think her as a “potential mate” and moved her to being “friends”, your feelings will probably change since you end up not wanting to risk the friendship for a relationship.Those are just my two-cents. Oh, and prayer helps too.

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