It’s not the goal that’s important. It’s about how you get there and the journey ahead. We all find ourselves stuck at one point wondering, “Why are we here?” or “What am I doing here?” For myself, I tend to ask my friends for the answers. I depend on them a lot, but see, not everyone finds gratitude and answers in the same place. Some, find it in religion. Others find it in relationships. And if you’re really lucky, you might even find it hidden in your heart. But sadly, some might even look and never find what they’re looking for. Do you know why people are always in search? I know that’s an incredible question to ask. I think I know. I think that there’s this void that we have; almost like a bottomless pit which has one filling. We covet anything or anyone that can fill it. When we’re driving, we take the shortcut because the goal is to get home. Does it ever make sense to just sit back and notice all the things around uus? Rushing the future makes the future come faster, this we know. But if you never sit back to enjoy the ride, then doesn’t that make the journey insignificant? The things and the people around us will never be the same as they are right now. They will never be more beautiful than they are right now because at this very moment, they, are perfect. So, it isn’t the endgoal we should be chasing, it’s every step along the way that matters most. For those you find faith and hope in religion, you aren’t going to end your life immediately at this very moment to gain eternal life. You will take every moment of your life into consideration because every decision and intention you make will speak endearingly about who you are and what you believe. For those you find reason to live by loving those around you, take every moment to express that love to those who love you back. Don’t take a single moment for granted, and make sure that person knows what they mean to you. Besides, after all is said and done, isn’t it true that all we really want is for someone to want us back?

But for those of us that are trying to find the answers in our heart; those of us who are trying to figure out what we want, or even find ourselves. The answers are always closer than you think. It’s ok to be lost. At the end of the day, someone might ask you why do you do all the things you do. Maybe your actions won’t help you with your future or further any of your relationships or your faith, but the more importantly, you’ll remember what you did. You can look back and say, this is what I did, and this is who I have become. Someday those answers will come; just don’t forget to take a step back and look at the life the way it was meant to be seen. Beautiful, huh?


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  1. khiyura January 20, 2010 / 1:19 am

    *like*  yah, live in the present

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