Love is the only shocking act left on the planet

so I’m going to try something super crazy. Im going to type this entire post while y head is on my desk. I gess you can consider this a test of my abilityyto type accurately and flawlessly, but I can already ttell I’ve typed some wrong words. thats ok, its the point I’m trying to make that matters most right?

love is amazing, buyt why is it so hard to find. why is it so hard to believe in? its a really special feeling. Noo, its an action. ok nevermind, its a choice. let. Who believes in love in first sight. love is always around us? God is love? love is <3? so love could be an emoticon right?. love actually? heh love and hate are opposites. who knows?

hollywood portrays love in a really cheesy matter. but not always. theyre not always so off. love is hope in many cases. people need help and hope is that answer. people need hope to keep themselves going. for many people that hope comes from love and the only way to find love ON THEs earth is through those around you. I want to show my love to my friends. I want to show it to my friends and family. they deserve it from me because they do the same right now. but I feel so confused right now. I feel alone. then where does my hope go? where is the love? heh. at that point, where does the love come from. what if someone stops loving me and doesn’t give my what I giv ethem back. man I feel diszzy. i feel really dizzy. i can;’t think so I guess I feel dizzy, lost and alone. and this is how I want to vent it all out. I feel like things are falling apart when just yesterday I had hope, I had love. maybe I’m overracting or maybe I’m just being naive. may tomorrow be a straighforwardm dediucated day. oh plz let it be.

so many typos


2 thoughts on “Love is the only shocking act left on the planet

  1. CinderellaGirl152 February 3, 2010 / 3:23 pm

    I liked this post, it really got me thinking 🙂 I hope things work out for you, feel better,Love CinderellaGirl152

  2. shamuta_takinglives February 7, 2010 / 6:15 pm

    Hey derek!It’s been a while sorry…I can’t get on xanga at school…But at any rate, I know you feel. I use to go down that road….I think sometime we need to talk on Yahoo chat about this lol , but I had found love……lol don’t tell other ppl but I actually found love in the most unusual place  :P. But really, I had lost hope in this world a long time ago…I even felt this way when we were in camp together, but now it’s change So don’t give up now like how I did….I almost didn’t find this happiness that I have now…I’ll pray for you and  I hope for you the best!

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