bieber fever

Ever have one of those days that you just didn’t want to end, but the only reason it has to is you cannot possiblly continue to function because you’re so tired due to all the fun and excitement throughout the day? Sorry, long question. or rhetorical really haha.

If you don’t get anything from this post, get this; I bought the Justin Bieber CD, My World 2.0. No Comment.

Today was Big Event 2010! The group I was with helped do yard work for an elderly woman, Ms. Welch. She baked lemon macadamia nut cookies for us; I must say these new cookies rivaled the extraordinaire of oatmeal chocolate, my favorite. I’m sure if she baked those, I would have flipped her house upside down, in a good way 🙂
A few things:

  • just hanging out doing some service reminded me how fun serving and bursting out in song can be.
  • we need a Cotton Patch in Houston.

We got back and went to Red Mango to get free.. Red Mango? tasty. I want more pomegranate.

anyway my friend esther has recently discovered that she does not dislike justin bieber anymore. instead she is more like this:

came back and jammed to.. justin bieber again haha

Went swimming. I believe I used to be able to swim more than 2 laps before feeling tired. it’s ok! I think we swam 12 laps total! aren’t you proud of me? maybe just a little?
— then right after we left the rec,
I pulled both calf muscles
and wound up lying on the concrete floor in front of the rec entrance
for 15 minutes -_-

So back to the ballad of esther, we went to buy his CD at Target. 

The end.
btw: my calves are killing me…


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