“Lament” – Tim Be Told

“Lament” Lyrics – Tim Be Told


They say You are jealous

They say You are kind,

but the jealous part seems to win all the time.


If You are somebody

Why do You break

the weak and the weary,

and steal what they make?


They say You’re forgiving,

that You’ll not forsake.

But You punched me out when I made a mistake.


I tried to find beauty in the mess that You made,

but You just stayed angry and never forgave.



Yes. We know You are great, but is a bad god better than none?

How much more will it take to undo the damage than You have done?



While the wicked and wayward continue to thrive

Oh, the modest continue giving their lives.

Oh, the faithful never survive (x2)


You’re The Almighty, so I am afraid.

You crushed me to pieces, and stole what I made.


Hopeless delusion is a righteous man’s fate.

I don’t know how much more I can take.






God, are You listening, please hear my cry.

I avail You believe You’re more cruel than You’re kind

but I’m getting tired of repeating this line,

“That the faithful never survive”




Please, conquer these demons and the darkness inside.

Shine Your light on this whole heart of mine

Maybe my faith will survive (x3)

I hope I interpreted these lyrics correctly.


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