I’ve been trying to start another fellowship on my campus. It’s called Epic. It’s a movement. It’s a change in the world. It’s a change in campus. It’s a phenomenon. No, that’s just junk. What it is, is a shift in mindset. A change in our hearts. That’s what makes the change in the world. Our desires becoming one with God’s.

One of my friends and I talked recently. She said this:
b/c for some reason i think you’re abandoning meby going to epic


Scary, right? I’m leaving. I’m going to doing something great, but even in the course of God’s plan, I am still leaving something behind. I’ve been so excited with all the progress we’ve had and I’ve forgotten to pause a moment to think, to conceive what’s happened up to this point. God’s been blessing this journey. I think he would have derailed us a long time ago if it wasn’t supposed to come to this. I think so anyway. So what is my mindset going into the remainder of the summer and into our first semester? Am I the entrepreneur who pursues something new and exciting and leaves the old behind? Or am I the resolver who has a vision in mind for the future and sees the master plan?

I’m so glad this isn’t in my hands.



2 thoughts on “mindsets.

  1. Stefan July 6, 2010 / 12:35 pm

    Hey Derek, I know its been a while since I’ve said anything, but I wanted to offer my advice with something similar. I loved my fellowship at A&M and it became part of me. However, looking back at it now I regret that I didn’t pursue other interest and campus organizations that I had wanted to get involved in.  I got way too comfortable with people familiar to me, and I stayed with them for many reasons. I know many of those reasons weren’t to pursue a closer relationship with God. It is hard to let friends down, but that is often necessary to follow God.  Honestly, I believe if your friend cared about your movement she’d either support you or follow you in your cause, not guilt trip you into staying with her. Is your friendship with her dependent on your relationship in your current organization? I believe your friendship with her is bigger than that.

  2. sweetbananababe July 6, 2010 / 4:44 pm

    mm, i don’t know your friend (stefan) who commented before me, although i completely agree with what he said regarding your friend. its true that it’s important to stop and reflect (because i know i sure don’t do that enough) but i believe God is sovereign enough to help you keep your friendships strong no matter what fellowship you all are in (or whatever else the issue may be). because in the end (after i talked with ines about it some) it’s not the fellowship that matters. it’s just Jesus. the fellowships are there to help draw each other closer to Him, but we can’t depend on IV or epic or cru or whatever else to be with Jesus. He’s more than enough.and i’m glad it’s not in your hands either. 🙂 praying for you guys

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