stuffed animals

I just realized how many I have. not very many. but, I can speak for all of us when I say that they’re the sort of universal gift that no one can resist. You can give them to everyone, big and small, and they will be nonetheless appreciated. I have a friend who said that one year, her friends didn’t know what to give her, so they each gave her a stuffed animal. The first thought that came to mind was that they could have just put all their money together and given her a gift card, but hey, that’s just me. Within an arm’s reach, I can see 3 altered “stuffed animals” (a cell phone holder, a beanie baby, and a pair of slippers). They make good pillows too. Here, check this out: Cuddlee stuffed animal pillow sale.The first time I saw one of these was at the galleria where we spent 15 minutes just pressing them against our cheeks and taking camwhore pictures. We didn’t even buy one; I think the stand manager was furious. The first time I saw a stuffed animal, it was bigger than me (FAO Schwartz is a stuffed animal kingdom).

Don’t ever buy me a stuffed animal for my birthday. Just don’t do it. Unless you have a really good excuse.

Just kidding. Not really. My only complaint about stuffed animals is no matter how much you hug them, they never hug back. So, if nothing else, give me a hug on my birthday. The stuffed animal is optional πŸ˜€


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