Encourag-o-grams. At the start of camp, we design these bags so that at the end we can fill each others up to the brim with unevenly torn sheets of paper. Some people write e-grams to that cute boy/girl they met (I once did that), others write to their best friends that came to camp with them (I used to do that), but at the very least, most people normally write to their camp family (I still do that). It’s crazy; I used to be able to write a good seventy encourag-o-grams on the last night of camp while pulling an all nighter. Now, I struggle to write eleven. Still, occasionally you get that one encourag-o-gram that stands out from the rest; It’s not because it’s from your best friend or because its the longest. It stands out because it’s actually encouraging. Here are a few of the ones from camp this year.

“You were a super dad! General awesomeness + good leading of stuff = that conclusion. Thank you very much for your affirmation after Big Elephant! That definitely started the whole family aspect of camp, and camp itself, off on a good note. I respect that you were such a good sport when your 4-year poking game winning streak was broken… I pray that you become an even stronger addict to God!”

“Derek, your foot is gross. I am never playing youself with you again! jk. kind of. and I actually like aggies, but only a few aggies.”

“…through camp I think I was really reminded of God’s faithfulness and that His Spirit is indeed alive and working. I really loved having a focus other than myself the past four days (the kids!), in my prayers and activities. 🙂 … you said you learn from others’ situations, so hopefully this can encourage you.”

“You know what I was moved by? Your little cardboard sign thing. In high school, I was very easily able to see that you were “addicted to intimacy,” but seeing you now also enables me to see the power of God’s grace. Thanks so much for that.”

“Thank you for counseling! I felt like I could really relate to you.”

“It was greating seeing you again after so many years. It’s so encouraging to see you as a counselor working w/ your kids. Good luck w/ EPIC leadership next year. I’ll see you at Anthology.”

“Your insights into dating situations were really helpful. I’m also struggling witht he college decisions affect relationship deal, but I guess I’ll have to trust God.”

“PS: if you need me to pray for you for anything or if you need someone to bother/entertain you/dart you, you have my facebook!”

Writing E-grams is like writing yearbook entries; just 10x better!


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