A House Divided

I was just talking to my family about trust. The whole discussion came up because I was affirming my mom in saying that I believe in trusting others firsthand and giving them the benefit of the doubt the majority of the time. Basically, they were telling me that I shouldn’t trust people so easily. I was just awestruck how broken their view of their personal relationships were. ‘Believe others only to the point where they can’t hurt you’ seems to be a common theme even in their closest friendships. I breaks my heart to see my parents’ view of relationships so broken. My sister also seems to have adopted some of the same virtues relating to being extremely protective or apprehensive in her relationships.

After my dad shared about some of his personal experiences about close family who had hurt him for personal gain, I realized something. I realized that my family has experienced a lot of the worldly brokenness through their life situations and many past relationships. My dad has been hurt by past high school friends. He’s been hurt in business relationships. He’s even been hurt by his own brother. There is a praise in this though; this all means that my dad is perceptive to all the worldly brokenness around him. Perhaps some day it will be a way to share with him and approach a deeper depth of faith and relationships. The most important thing is.. maybe some day he’ll be receptive to a relationship with the Father who loves. Life without God is described as a state of spiritual brokenness. Without God, we are incomplete and unable to find true spiritual fulfillment. When we accept Christ, he restores our spirits (Isaiah 65:14)

One thing we came to an agreement on required a translation in Chinese to understand. In Cantonese, there is a distinction between believing and trusting. Basically you can can believe everyone and even give them the benefit of the doubt, but you can not trust them and depend on the other. This is where I know there is hope for the salvation of my Mom, Dad, and Sister. They said that they would trust their family above all else because they know there is love. This gives me so much hope because they have experienced that filial love that I know only comes from God. We can depend on each other without asking for anything in return because it isn’t our own well being that we concern ourselves with; it is the well being of those closest to us. Even in the brokenness I have seen in their lives, there is compassion amongst us. There IS hope.

When it comes to actual loving upon outsiders, my house is divided. I know this unconditional love is something my family has not seen, and it can only come when they accept Christ into their lives. I will pray for God to be glorified and to be a pure witness to my unbelieving family.

Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. – Psalm 63:3


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