moving a movement

start with some numbers:

  1. Flier-ing: about 200
  2. BBQ: 79 contact cards
  3. FSK: 11
  4. Messy Olympics: 16
  5. Informational: 54
  6. First Prayer Meeting: 25
  7. First Big Group: 33
  8. Soularium: 9
  9. First Missional Community Meeting: 14
  10. Second Prayer Meeting: 9
  11. Epic Fall Retreat: 20
  12. Second Large Group: about 25
  13. Current Listserv: 105

numbers can barely reflect the Glory of God. I’ll spend some time explaining these statistics now. 

  1. The six leaders spent 3-4 hours of a day fliering to two hundred different people. Think about it… six people, two hundred recipients. cool.
  2. Our kickoff BBQ was a disaster. broken beef patties, serving almost one hundred people. three hours of scorching heat. what a DISASTER
  3. After the barbecue, six freshman decided to come with us to prepare freshman survival kits. Freshman preparing other freshman. Nifty
  4. So many people came to Messy olympics that Esther had to take two trips to and from campus just to transport everyone to Anderson Park for Messy Olympics. 
  5. We prayed for fifty people to come to the informational, and God provided. What is He calling us to?
  6. You know how big hart rooms are, right? Imagine 25 people inside one. Yeah, God is THAT BIG!
  7. Big group, despite having an oversized room, gave us a really good idea of who we’ll be serving this year. So much peace granted by God.
  8. Just living out the mission and instructing others how to do so. That’s pretty cool. Some great conversations. Best part is, now we have 5 total sets! Go Toni Yang!
  9. Missional Communities. A disaster. no sarcasm intended. Too many people. too many people. maybe split them up into smaller groups? God likes to destroy our own own expectations. But He doesn’t devastate us, but instead blesses us. why?
  10. As with personal expectations, and with personal pride, God will refocus us when we lose sight of Him as our ultimate goal. When I was slowly and unknowingly allowing my pride to seep into Epic, God would show me the reality of His power. From twenty five to nine in a week. Just to show me that regardless of my efforts to draw people in, it will be God moving. Not me. Humbling. Very very Humbling.
  11. HOW DID WE REACH OUR FAITH GOAL?? How? I have no idea. Amazing time at retreat. A blurb on this bulleted list doesn’t do it justice. To condense it, I think the best part was seeing the multiple movements just interacting and sharing their love for God. A real sense of unity of a movement. What an Awesome God. 
  12. Tired from retreat and suffering from a test filled week, a chill large group is exactly what we needed. And that’s exactly what we did. Foot tag until the Rudder staff came upstairs telling us to quiet down. What a good study break.
  13. 105 people on the listserv? And updated all the time. God has places us in contact with 105 of the 1920 asian american undergraduate students. Reaching the campus? Starting a movement? What is this?

I think the biggest struggle for myself is serving with God on my heart, with the vision as the prize. God is a great God who loves, but He still promises us trials along the way. I think now that we have this base for people who are growing toward the vision, what we as a movement must do is begin to demonstrate what it means to be intentional. Our missional communities are more than encouragement, but also meant to BUILD. How do we do this? No idea. Honestly, I feel like we’re doing things almost blindly at times, but I know God will guide us. I trust Him. God is great and He will never forsake us. Pray for us to remain focused on the vision. To be outward focused and not inward focused. 

I think this post concluded my initial/general thoughts on Epic Launch @ Texas A&M. Now for the real stuff; it’s all on YOU now God. 


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