there is one person right now that God is using to test my patience. Just for clarity, this person is also freshman, but I don’t think they read my blog.

this person doesn’t naturally accept encouragement. It’s been almost 2 1/2 months months now and it still seems like my efforts to get acquainted with this person are completely dry. I’ve tried initiated a conversation with this person, but was clearly rejected/blocked. They are nearly impossible to relate to because they’re just so different. I’m at a loss about what to do; it would be so refreshing to know that my attempts to reach them are impacting them, but sometimes it just seems futile. I think what is most frustrating is they rarely respond positively to me and just don’t show much respect. What’s worse is this behavior isn’t consistent — one minute they might seek my attention and others, they just neglect my existence. I really want to just see this person be joyful. Even if its not through me, especially if it’s not through me. I want to see them flourish and mature and grow. Maybe every once in a while, smile 🙂

But here’s the catch. They remind me a lot of myself. When I was a freshman, I know I wasn’t someone that was easy to work with, and some of my older friends have definitely affirmed that (thanks andrea and greg!). Realizing this reminds me to show humility in serving this person. Once upon a time, I know there were some upperclassmen who had to treat me in this same way with the same patience. So its like a chain. I’ve really grown to be thankful of what others have poured into me. So all my complaints… hopefully are really just a testament to maturing in my walk, in myself. So… we’ll see what happens. Just continuing to pray for them. p4u

– agent dLe over n out.


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