I know thanksgiving was a few weeks ago, but it’s like how people say “Christmas came early.” Well, thanksgiving came at the right time.

with michael in discipleship, I’ve been teaching him the process of learning. It goes something like this

1. Reading/Studying: read the scripture. mull over it. study it. understand it. whatever “it” is.
2. Application: incorporate that lesson into your own life. This is vital.
3. Teach it: disciple someone else about what you just learned. if you can’t repeat it, then did you really learn it? 

so, I learned in Schemeichel’s Social Psychology class that happiness and our emotions are based on the events that occur in our lives. That relates to what we think of the events and our own self-reflection in large part. When it comes to good vs. bad, bad tends to affect us more than good. So, right before Thanksgiving, he was saying, “Maybe if we spent more time thinking about what we’re thankful for, we might even be ‘happier.'” I know this post is delayed, but it took me until last night at 3am to realy apply that idea. when my heart was beating rapidly and satan was really attacking me with thoughts of loneliness and insignificance. When no one else was around. when all I had was God. 

I gave “thanksgiving” a try. and long story short, praise God. it was amazing. I could feel myself relax for the first time in a week. I could feel that peace that is promised to us by the Holy spirit. I felt at ease. And i felt God when God was holding me the whole time. I’ll be honest and say, I’ve felt very alone in my walk lately. No one truly knows how I’m doing and the only person that seems to make an effort to ask, I’m going through a rough patch with. I’ve actually been doing badly, with relationships, with school, with God. Sometimes it seems like there is nowhere to turn since everything and everyone has turned away from me. If you ever ask why, I’ll tell you. but that’s not why I’ve written this out at all.

I’m really thankful for all the people who read my blogposts. I said it “seems like” everyone has turned away, but if you read this, my heart goes out to you. It shows a real effort on your part to know how a brother is doing and I only wish I could return the favor by loving you as much or more in return. Thank you. 

“There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.”


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