Day 1: 10 things about you

  1. I’ve recently discovered that 28×30 Gap Straight leg Pants/Jeans fit me really well. Josh Chern said they fit my butt perfectly. I guess that’s how you gauge fitting clothing. Haha
  2. I bought a pair of Gap Jeans from the Lost and Found Auction. After I bought them, I washed them, put them on, and styled them for Daniel. They were really stretchy. I didn’t know what size they were since I couldn’t find a size tag. I knew one thing though; they reminded me a lot of Kara’s jeans that normally flare out when they get to the ankles/calves. A few nights ago, I asked Perryl and Sarah Parkinson about my jeans, and asked Perryl to check the size of my jeans, if he could find it. Perryl pointed out they were girl jeans because the size was designated by one number. I don’t know what to do with this pair of jeans anymore. Should I keep them? They’re so comfy… at least one good thing came out of this; I know I’m a size 10 in girls jeans.
  3. I’d like to think I’m not frugal, but that’s only because I’m spontaneous and impulsive. A lot. Saving money is good.
  4. I serve in a fellowship called Epic Movement and most of the time, and I’ll be honest; for the better part of the past semester, I don’t really know what I’ve been doing. Praise God.
  5. If I ask you to have a photo-shoot, please say yes.
  6. I think silly bandz bring me good luck.
  7. I think two of the most attractive personality traits one can find in another are wittiness and charm.
  8. TV shows I watch: Smallville, One Tree Hill, Nikita, and Chuck. I’ve stopped watching Glee.
  9. If I could only shop at three different places for the rest of my life (for clothing), I would choose Gap, Urban Outfitters, and H&M.
  10. My staff worker pointed out that I value my relationships a lot. That statement is very true. I value my friendships and relationships quite a bit. I’m always seeking out new relationships. At the same time, that can cause me to forgo maintaining relationships I already have. My staff worker also pointed out that I think too much. Put those two things together, and it can make a nasty combination.

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