Day 3: 10 things you hate

  1. Irresponsible people. I think that it’s often an assumption, but you should be expected to clean up after yourself and take responsibility for your actions.
  2. People who are unapologetic. I guess there are two sides this statement. It would be one thing to be rude and for this to go unnoticed, and that would be a fault of the person not being perceptive. The other more disliked half of this statement is when people are unapologetic because they choose to be. Those people can be irritated. They lack compassion and care and are very hard to love. Sigh*
  3. Broken Relationships. The main reason is because I know it’s my own fault.
  4. Watching people leave. I generally don’t enjoy losing good relationships. If I could help it, I would trap them and keep them with me everywhere I went. Like a voodoo doll or something. But that idea isn’t possible.
  5. Dishonesty. We all struggle with it. I think this one is sort of a wash because I would love for the truth to be omnipresent. I wish we were always honest with those we loved.
  6. Immature people. This one is tough. Maturity comes in different forms, something I talked about with Daniel once. We discussed what maturity would look like. This is what we got out of that talk. There are different types of maturity: table manners, spiritual maturity, mature understanding, mature interaction, etc. People mature at different times and are mature in different ways. I guess that might peeve me are those people who lack a mature understanding or mature interaction with others. Those people might be unable to do what people call “acting their own age.” You can ask me about this one. It’s a little harder to describe.
  7. Rejection. Everyone dislikes rejection. I guess it hurts most when it comes from someone you care about a lot.
  8. Unreliability. You know when you agree on something with someone? Maybe a project partner? You both agree to do a certain part of the project and they agree to do the other part. And then they don’t do it. Yeah. That’s what I mean. Unreliable people.
  9. Open-mindedness, or lack of it. People who are not open minded and who lack teachable spirits. Some just call this arrogance or stubbornness. I’ll be fair and say that I lack the very teachable spirit that I am valuing in this very same entry. But still, please be open minded J
  10. I guess I’ll do one that doesn’t have to do with other people or relationships. Haha, I dislike not understanding things. Example, calculus senior year of high school. If I didn’t understand why something worked out the way it did, it made it very hard for me to understand what I was learning. When GG taught O-chem last year, I disliked his cut and dry lecture method; I didn’t understand a word he was saying. Well, to be fair, that was also due to his heavy accent. I regret taking his course. 



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