Day 4: 10 things you want to say to one person

  1. You dance well.
  2. I respect your originality a lot. You’re not as afraid as others to be yourself.
  3. You remind me of my mom.
  4. Why did you move away from hart my sophomore year? Not that it made a difference; you were still ‘within reach’
  5. Part of me hopes that someone will come to A&M when you leave to replace you. Problem is… no one can ever replace you
  6. Stop writing me a card and make a video with me instead. 
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the talent show with you freshman year. Although we didn’t actually compete, it was something that made me feel very accepted. It was like, an upperclassmen is reaching out to me. It was awesome. Lol that’s all I can recall about that experience. I must say though… I thought we sounded horribly amazing haha
  8. When I text you using google voice, especially when I mass text, I look forward to the “W’s” because I know your name is in there.
  9. Your chinese is better than mine.
  10. I’m gonna miss you gurlfrann.



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