Day 6: 10 items you can’t live without

  1. My new old macbook. I generally don’t like putting so much value in material items, but this one matters a lot ot me. Without it, I won’t make it through my four psychology classes next semester. My life is sustainable only because of the convenience that this machine offers me.
  2. My L.L.Bean strappy knapsack (backpack). I take it with me everywhere. The double buckle makes me feel secure. The multiple pockets allow me to hold everything I need. Not to mention it’s maroon.
  3. Northface Fleece: perfect for any weather, any occasion, and never goes out of style
  4. Clark: I know kent died, but I can’t leave clark behind. He signifies my friendship with Joanne.
  5. Earphones: to complement my mac. What else can you do when the person sitting next to you is munching on his popcorn too loudly. Got Earphones?
  6. Bible: although is an adequate second, the bible is important to me because it was a gift. If I could take the giftgiver with me as well, I would.
  7. Aggie Ring: (eventually) This is how we connect. Once an aggie, always an aggie.
  8. Camera: capturing moments on my point and shoot.
  9. Moe/Pillow: I can’t sleep without pillows. At least if I never get married, I have something to hold and hug.
  10. Flashlight: dude, you have no idea how useful this is until you’ve lived in the dark. I’m serious. Flashlights are your best friend.

Notice I didn’t say shoes and cell phone. I’m going to be an amish hobbit. 



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