Day 7: 10 important people

  1. Dude, we played a ton of volleyball together. But, thankfully, that isn’t the center of our relationship. I met you less than a year ago, and I honestly didn’t think that you would end up being so close to me all the time. I’m glad you have. Whether we’re just spending time (wasting time) in my room doing absolutely nothing, you’ve been a great son. I look forward to seeing how God moves in you through the semester and through your years. Just for the record, you’re never going to be more popular than me… son.
  2. How did we meet? Sophomore year you visited A&M and were “dumped in my room.” Yes that statement has a ton of interpretations. Thanks for being there for me at times when I needed someone to talk to. You’re an invaluable friend, even if you go to a rival school. Your writing has inspired me to write more, even if it’s not public and it’s not at your caliber. I admire how God focused you are, despite your occasional insecurities. Thanks for visiting this year; it was quite a treat, and I’m sorry if I was a boring aggie host. Maybe you’ll come back next semester? Haha, maybe. If your best friend can convince you.
  3. silent leader sir. You’re a column one for life, no matter what. I sometimes wish my name started with a G, that way I could be just like you and Greg. You’ve left a mark on my life for sure. For including me when you have in the past. I know this year, proximity hasn’t been on our side, but its okay. You’ll always be there. Be on the lookout for random hangouts and maybe a future wedding invitation. Tell me how things are going. How are you? What have you been up to? What can I pray for you for? But most importantly, tell me when you get a girlfriend.  It’s one thing I don’t pray for because I know that a studly gentleman like you is a prize waiting to be claimed.
  4. you’re my sister. No really, you’re my sister. And you’re a fountain of wisdom and encouragement. Thank you J you don’t even know it, do you? Haha I really look up to you, for making it through your generation with parents like ours. So thanks for being that role model and taking all that flack from them. Thanks for being rational when I needed you to be, but thanks for pushing me at the same time. I needed that too. I pray for you and your search for God. I just hope you seek Him wholeheartedly and someday find the joy in knowing Christ.
  5. thanks for being my friend this past year and a half. I don’t deserve it considering our past history and how much of a roller coaster ride it’s been. Our relationship has the potential of extreme good and extreme bad, and all I can say is I hope that it becomes less like a thrill and more like a hedonic treadmill. I want it to level out and for us to know just glorious our relationship can be to God. You’ve taught me a lot about showing compassion to others, even when I show an unteachable spirit. I respect your desire to serve, and encourage you to push yourself to your limit. I know that I don’t deserve you as a friend and things might be simpler if we weren’t, but I don’t want to give up on such a gift. You know me, I’m hardheaded like that. Wherever we are, I’ll still be praying for you. (Count on Me – Bruno Mars *playing in the background)
  6. the E in Epic stands for you. You don’t deserve a post though. I need you to think I don’t care about you so that you’ll continue to push yourself to work hard without affirmation from me, but from God. I mean that’s what has gotten us here right? (I’m totally kidding btw) You’re an amazing sister. The girls all around us look up to you, but not in intimidation. They see you as a loving sister figure, and you don’t just play a role; you’re a nexus. We all need you in our lives. Truth is, we’re lucky to have you here. I know A&M wasn’t your first choice, but I’m happy you chose to come here anyway.
  7. roommate roommate, why do you listen to me ramble when I do? Why do you listen to anything I say when most of it just comes out as gibberish with no scriptural proof or social proof? Why am I blessed to have you around? I’m sorry if I don’t show love and appreciation to you like I should. Sorry if I push you too hard sometimes, and am inconsiderate when I speak to you. Roommates right? I’m still encouraged when you still come to me asking how I’m doing (most recent example was through text). Maybe we’ll talk about it during the beginning of break. I have something to comment about what you talked to Toni about anyway. You’re awesome. I want to say, don’t change, but that would contradict everything we’ve both been learning this whole school year. Thanks dude.
  8. You keep up with me even when I get busy and neglect my friends. You’re committed and might be one of the only people who I consider someone I would ask to disciple me. You’ve given me advice to lead effectively. You’ve reminded me how to love and how to be a light on campus even when the light in my heart was flickering dimly. Thank you. Thanks for driving me the very first day I was in college station to dinner at chef cao’s. And thanks for continuing to reach out to me even though you’re no longer here. I look forward to seeing you in 2-3 days, Haha. I still don’t know why you keep up with me. I’m boring.
  9. you’re my best friend. Andrea made me say it. And you already heard the 10 things I said about you. Now pop that pimple on your neck; it’s gross. If you don’t, I’ll give you another wet willy!
  10. Okay, #9 might be one type of best friend, but you’re the other type of best friend. I don’t know where to start when it comes to describing you. You’re the person that I’ve grown slowly and consistently with over time. You keep me accountable and remind me of what’s important. You give me encouragement when I’m down and show me a path to righteousness. You’ve made me more of a man of God. You give me encouragotexts almost daily that just brighten my day. The only way I can make you smile is if I text back cheesy comments, something I’ve gotten rather good at. Thanks for being more than I deserve and a blessing from God. 



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