life-changing decisions

Around April during my freshman year of high school, there was a dilemma. Freshman year of high school, everyone was friends with everyone else. Cliques hadn’t formed yet, and people were generally friendly with everyone else. Needless to say, there wasn’t any drama (yet). Some of my friends were trying to get me to go to CYC, Chinese Youth Camp, which was held every summer and organized by the Chinese Community Center. Another group of friends was encouraging me to sign up for Impact, a christian camp organized by Houston area Chinese churches. 

Guess which one I picked? Haha.

Honestly, I woke up this morning reflecting on the magnitude of that decision. It was at that very moment that God truly led me to Him. I know if I had chosen to go to CYC, I would have a different focus, different group of friends, maybe a different God as well. So this is my life changing moment, but honestly, God reached out to me long before I ever knew him or accepted Him as my Father and Savior. God sent His son Jesus to save the life of the many, the weak, the poor, the unworthy. And He did that for me. He sculpted my future/decision for me long before I knew where I would end up; currently leading a fellowship, a Christ-centered relationship, a bible study, discipleship. 

So, do you have any moments like that? An otherwise simple decision that changed your life tremendously? 


One thought on “life-changing decisions

  1. khiyura January 14, 2011 / 1:03 pm

    It seems so clear cut to you. I’m not sure that I can pick a definitive moment that I knew Christ had chosen me, but God shows himself in different ways– so maybe mine is just a gradual understanding and knowledge.That is just so awesome though Derek. I’m blessed to call you my brother in Christ.

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