unequivocal stray inklings about my saturday

completely laying out. joints are aching. eyes drooping. The past 24 hours have been absolutely exhausting. 

Saturday was my first time at Relay for Life (8pm – 7am). All we did was throw discus, play volleyball, play soccer, collapse jumping gyms, pig out on burgers/dogs, play games, watch live performances, watch a men’s beauty pageant, and stay awake for almost 24 hours straight. Like I said, exhausting. My right arm is ACTUALLY sore from reaching up and one handed catching frisbees. 

Saturday was leadership deliberation time. 11am – 3pm. I managed to sneak in one hour of sleep betwen relay and Epic Leadership meeting. Good meeting, but esta said “I can’t help but feel we’re missing something.” Eek thanks ster, way to dumb down my mood, kidding.

Saturday afternoon was epic frisbee. good turnout, even if they weren’t all from epic. haha vincent and theyo were both there. is there anything they’re not good at? 11v11 teams = chaos. sports ministry… that’s something we need to focus more on next year. Anyway, 2 hours of hardcore lazy running is still running. my feet hurt

Saturday dinner was dinner with the cherns. Happy birthday to Josh Chern, turning 20 today whoop! Dinner at chuys; tasty fajitas and their famous creamy jalepeno white dipping sauce. Afterward I bought him a cake from HEB for $3.00. I hope he wasn’t offended >.>

Saturday wasn’t over yet. Went to the rec to play some pick-up basketball games. A friend rolled her ankle, and the other team’s players all reacted in a caring way. Prayer can heal anything. As for basketball, I’ve decided that I shouldn’t play the point. I’ll be lucky to get an assist. Afterward, I showered. I showered three times today, once after Relay, once after frisbee, and last time after basketball. Towel doesn’t even have time to dry…

Saturday midnight is just awesome. icecold pepsi in the lounge. Honestly, I haven’t been in here for a while. Lately, I’m afraid of running into people I know here, so, I can’t wait to move off campus to get that “isolation” I so dearly need at times. Gardens 2, I await your construction. 


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