Am I listening? Am I looking?

2 instances in the past hour have made me realize or at least become aware, that I’m not looking. I’m not listening.

Have you ever heard of tim be told? They have great music; if you haven’t listened to them before, you should youtube them and consider buying their records. Their newest CD, Humanity, is a contender for my favorite CD of all time, currently known as MMHMM by Relient K. Well anyway, what was on my mind was, I am listening to this CD with such fervor, but I don’t even know what the songs are about. I mean, I hear the words, and the musicality and progressions (crescendos/de-) of all their songs are all so moving. My friend Jordan was listening to the CD for the very first time today and was weeping. True tears. Why am I not as drawn by the music? Am I even listening? Am I even paying attention? I don’t even know the lyrics…

Something else I decided to do instead of studying for my upcoming Abnormal Psychology test was to begin tagging photos. I haven’t uploaded any of my photos to Facebook, but I began playing with the iphoto “Faces” function on my Mac. Essentially, in case you don’t use iPhoto, Faces can pinpoint potential faces and ask your taq request. It zooms in on those things that the program thinks are faces or subjects in the photo. Then it uses that info to suggest tags in the future for related or similar faces. It’s funny when it suggests the wrong tag for someone’s face or when it tags an inanimate object as a face, haha. Well, what drew my attention were the smiles of those in group picture. I’ve never as much glanced at group pictures longer than 10 seconds, and even when I do, I don’t zoom in. Faces was zooming into every photo, ever person, every profile, every smile. Each smile was so happy. Every funny face was unique and peculiar. Every person’s smile was so special when the focus was on that person. I guess I just don’t pay attention.

I’m not looking; I’m not listening. So, now, I’m listening to tim be told and tagging faces on iphoto. Haha, I guess it’s just the Humanity in me…


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