If I say, “Christ is Risen!”, what would you say?

So, cool story. I woke up from a nap because the lights were on and my eyes were crusty due to falling asleep with my contacts on. The first thing I remembered was I needed to park my car at WCG I looked at the time and it read 9:43.  I got on my computer and accessed facebook like I always do, and then I check my messages for any new stuff. I got a message this message:

“Christ is Risen!! The sun may be setting but the day our Lord has risen is certainly not over! Come as one body and celebrate through singing songs and prayer on the top floor of WCG, it’s going to be a beautiful night so don’t miss out! 
Christ is risen, we are made alive by Him!
Celebration tonight!
WCG @ 10 on the top floor
Be there!”

Jeez! I was thinking.. “omg! what great timing!” So naturally, I parked at west campus and went up to bask in the glory of God on this glorious day. 

P.S: While praising, we heard this song “Christ is Risen” by Matt Maher. I highly suggest it.


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