not just entitlement, but friendship too. This is the way I see it:

Entitlement is that feeling of demanding ownership or deserving reward (or in my case, someone). The term is often given with pejorative connotation (e.g. a “sense of entitlement”). Friendship on the other hand, is a mutually beneficial and thoughtful *something* that two people share. True friendship is centered around selflessness and empathy; and most important of all, it is centered around reciprocity.

So entitleship is something in-between. We all someone around us who we feel ownership over. Perhaps that person is your best friend, your girlfriend, boyfriend, class TA, mum, or pops(icle). These people, we feel belong to us, and sometimes, we don’t want to share. We feel a sense of entitlement toward that person and aren’t willing to share them. It’s ironic though, because the very idea of friendship, which strengthens our relationship in the first place, is centered around sharing and giving. Slowly, we can all become attached to the relationships we’ve built, but lose sight of their value and why we have them in the first place. Well, at least, that just describes me.

Today’s sermon at Living Hope Evangelical Church, the pastor talked about selfishness; even when we act upon righteous intentions, we can still manage to sin because our joy isn’t centered on Christ but instead our own desires and passions. Lately I’ve been feeling this same selfishness and ownership toward certain friends, and for one special person in particular, that sense of entiteship I’ve held on (haha pun) to for a very long time. I feel entitled to her, yet, I am only now learning to respect her. Growing with God is quite difficult.

Diatribe pertaining to ALL: I’m learning I am not entitled to anything or anyone. You might be my friend, but you aren’t mine. God made you your own being giving you a gift of free will allowing you to choose to be my friend, or not (you might just be surfing my xanga from a Facebook link). God gives all, created all, and can taketh all away.

When will I be entirely content and joyful in the LORD alone?



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