do only what you can do

I’m actually still in the process of learning this lesson. Josh Chen was actually the one who taught me this lesson. 

earlier this semester, I began having diskypleship (yes, you read that correctly) coaching lessons with Josh. The very first question he asked me was, “How much do you do for Epic?” After pouring out a list of all the tasks I and the rest of the team are in charge of, he explained that I was probably trying to do too much. Then he said, “Do only what you can do and delegate the rest.”

5 months later

I’m still trying to learn how to do learn how to delegate. I have trouble trusting that others will get the work done that I delegate to them, and often times end up just doing it myself. One complementary lesson is learning to not only delegate, but also to instruct, teach, and encourage as well. Learning to disciple is a lifelong process just like being discipled. For this next year, we have 15 leaders in Epic. Feels great to be blessed by such a significant growth in membership and open hearts. 


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