Relationships make life better, but being single is simpler.

this lesson is inspired by jordan and daniel.

Jordan told me that he feels there is so much good that can come out of a relationship. One of those things is a forced dependance on God and accelerated personal growth/maturity. It’s true! You really have to learn to be dependent on the Holy Spirit because He can grow you, and He is the only one who can. Because I was “in charge” of someone else’s growth as well, everything I do has double the consequences. Your sin doesn’t just affect you. It hurts everyone else around you too.

Daniel on the other hand, has taught me to value my time of singleness. Being single shouldn’t feel like it’s anything less than being a pair. Being single might seem selfish because you don’t have to give yourself over to someone else and invest in someone else, but that’s completely wrong. Being single is completely selfless because it means giving your entire self over to God and allowing Him to transform your life.

Now just a disclaimer: Daniel’s extremely careful and cautious about the people he chooses and even more wary of the pursuit because he wants to be sure God is calling him to someone. Jordan’s also pretty anxious and does whatever it takes to get over her (it’s funny because I get to hear his spontaneous 3am rants about how thinking about her is interfering with his ochem studying). These two guys are so wise, but keep in mind, we all have our issues.


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