spend what you need and not a cent more.

This is something my mom and dad have taught me over the years. 

I’ve always learned that spending is necessary and unnecessary at the same time, but controlling your spending habits is often very difficult. I have friends on opposite sides of the spectrum for rational spending and wealth, and they each corner of my friends say different things. Here, I made a diagram:

These are only some of the perspectives some people have.
Not everyone lives on these extremes.
They all represent generalized viewpoints.

I would say for myself, I float toward the upper left corner. This topic originally surfaced when I watched “Beware of Christians.” It was brought to my attention that many people actually do struggle heavily with materialism… and I was unaware that I also had some of the same struggles. I was always taught to spend what I needed and save the rest. “If you don’t need it, don’t get it.” Some ways I try to enforce that principle are through online shopping and gas/food purchases. When i shop online, I’ll always add the item to my “shopping cart” and then take a day long reprieve before making a decision to purchase. This allows me to make an objective decision to purchase. As for food and gas, these are two things I’ve found are vital. you need gas and food, so there should never be a time where you are frugal with your money for either of these items. 

I wouldn’t say that any of these four viewpoints is superior to the other. Each of us struggles with something different from everyone else, and sometimes we have more than one viewpoint. While someone who is weathy and stingy might feel very blessed to have everything he has, he might also feel very proud that he has worked to get where he is. Note: need is subjective to the person. I guess it’s up to my to decide what corner I want to live in. 


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