Casting Vision is necessary for an organization to grow and have direction. A vision is often times a goal that we set for the future and work towards. This post is about the importance of vision-casting

This past year I served as core leader for Epic Movement in charge of Evangelism. Oyy what a hefty heavy responsibility; I was supposed to encourage people to go out and evangelize to nonbelievers. I was responsible for making sure people were working towards the goal of our Vision (to see movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who knows Jesus Christ). I’ll be very honest; I did a horrible job encouraging people to evangelize and intentionally declare their faith to the campus.

But, like everything else, God had a purpose. I may have failed encouraging people to evangelize, but God gave me a different, more suitable responsibility — vision-casting. For the better part of the year, I didn’t understand the value of vision-casting, but with the help of my two disciplers/mentors, I have grown to understand my role for the TAMU Epic Movement.

Josh Chen: “It seems to me that you value relationships a lot. Perhaps what you need to do is just stop thinking and just… DO.” and “My responsibility to my team is to keep them on track. You know, what gives fellowship direction? Vision! It’s my responsibility to keep my staff team focused and centered on the Vision!
Gregory Gee: “Every fellowship needs a vision-caster. The vision-caster helps, not only maintain the group dynamic, but also revitalizes each of the member’s personal walks with God.” and “People easily forget the vision when they aren’t reminded.

Vision-casting is vital to the growth of the fellowship and the church. Each person needs to be reminded of the vision so they can remember why they serve God. For myself, I’m sure that if I didn’t have friends, pastors, podcasts, and prayer, I would forget in an instant why I serve and love the God that I do. God gave me opportunity after opportunity to cast vision on the fellowship. This past year, as a person who was supposed to lead people in evangelism, I failed miserably. My focus for the year was centered more around community and the internal growth of Epic. But, that’s okay; God taught me and has shaped my vision and motivation for the next year. 

I remember hearing and praying a prayer at Anthology 2010, “I pray that we would treat evangelism not as an event, or an action, but instead as a daily chore and a lifestyle.”… something like that. God gave me the opportunity to shape fellow brothers and sisters continually all year long. Our missional communities are grown exponentially and so have each of our hearts. As for next year, I don’t know what God has planned for our ministry, but I can only hope He grows us from the palm of His hand.



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