speaking slowly

My mom taught my this lesson.

My mom works at an old private holding company with emphasis on the word “old.” Everyone who works there is aged and has a lot of experience in their field. She was talking to me about her first interview, and she said that I should learn to speak more slowly. Her reasoning was, the other younger applicants didn’t get the job because the interviewers could not comprehend everything the applicant was saying because he was flooding them with too many words at once. 

This makes a lot of sense to me. In the future, most of my interviewers will be of an older generation; they will be people who speak slower and don’t live in such an uppity atmosphere with a hustle and bustle mindset. Learning to slow my processing while still speaking articulately can be a sure sign of intelligence and confidence that can wow bosses and interviewers. I realize it will be important for the future. *mental note*


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