checkpoint faith

can you look back on your walk with Jesus and pinpoint those exact times where your life changed drastically? I can’t. Every summer and winter break I get annual opportunities to take a look at my spiritual walk and ask myself, “Is this where I want to be?” Haha, I’ve only been able to say YES once during the course of walk with Jesus, and that didn’t last very long because I became complacent. 

my walk with Jesus has actually been very short. During high school, I prayed a prayer to receive the Holy Spirit and salvation, but I didn’t truly become a Christ-follower until I came to college. You could say that I’ve only really been a christian for 6 semesters. Thats a short period of time, but that’s a long enough amount of time to realize a fault of perspective.A lot of times we like to evaluate our lives based on goals or checkpoints. If i just get that A in biology, if I can just finish reading the old testament, if I can get to this point in my friendship with blank, I can date her. We do this for a lot of things, but we do it mostly in our relationship with God. How often do you pray to go asking things like, “God, if you can make your will known and clear, I will do exactly what you ask of me.” Maybe another familiar request is “God, I love you, but I can’t spread your good news right now, but I can if I finish studying for my upcoming test.” 

Sometimes it feels like we put God on pause so we can pursue other things that we think are in God’s will. We put up conditions for God’s grace and direction. We tell ourselves we need to pass these “checkpoints” before we can become the ardent Christ-followers we’re called to be. In reality, God wants us to serve him wherever and whenever we are. He can be and will be glorified everywhere, and your life life should be edifying to him. We must choose give up our checkpoint faith but live instead with a ceaseless desire for God. And yes, it’s very hard.



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