awkward conversations

we all experience these, don’t we? I’m talking about those online instant messaging conversations where things are obviously really out-of-sync and both people feel awkward. I’m going to discuss 3 types of awkward conversations that I’ve come across. i feel like these are very prevalent, but its up to you to choose. 

1. boy likes girl, girl gives short responses – 

B: Hey! whats up? 
G: not much
B: I didn’t see you in class today. Were you sick?
G: Yeah
B: Awh I’m sorry to hear that, what were you sick with?
G: I’m not sure.

Who has had one of these before? Well, obviously, I had one of these. The girl I dated my senior year treated me like this for three years. It’s awkward. I have no advice for guys going through this heartache, but for girls, there is a lot I could say to you. For starters, please talk to us…

2. waiting game

1: Did you go to the concert yesterday
2: OH YEAH! it was so awesome!
2: I think Tim Be Told totally rocked the house!
2: I’m glad I got to see them debut their new album
Sent at 12:58 AM on Friday

1: wish i could have gone then
2: yeah, their new song called “just another man” is so moving
2: I think I’m going to try and cover it for our talent show
2: do you think You’ll be able to help me out?
Sent at 1:10 AM on Friday

1:  yeah, sure. i’d love to.
Sent at 1:32 AM on Friday

So, sometimes we wait for responses. okay, perhaps it isn’t exactly as awkward as it is nerve-wracking. We want responses, but when you have to wait 10-20 minutes for a response to a question, it’s just cruel. 

3. confrontation

Jack: Did you tell josh about us yet?
Jill: not yet, I was waiting for the right time…
Jack: what do you mean, “the right time?”
Jill: I mean, I think its important to think about Josh too
Jack: Jill, I wonder if you’re really thinking about this at all.
Jill: Can we just talk about this later?
Jack: We’ll talk about it in person then…

Online confrontation is awkward. There’s something special about personal (in person) confrontation. If you’re a dominant person, then obviously your thoughts and feelings are definitely heard because you’ll be vocal when you speak up. However, when you’re online, there’s so much time to just sit there and ponder exactly how you should respond. Perhaps avoiding deep and confrontational conversations on gtalk or aim would be best. 


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