durrr, should have realized this sooner.

i don’t think i can keep up with this level of cogntiive processing anymore. I think I’ve hit my limit. I love thinking and contemplating because when I do so, I tend to produce the best results and decisions. I can’t do that anymore.

last night at ccf, we were talking about what tests we can put ourselves through to see if we’re truly Christian. One test I came up with was “living by faith.” living by faith means believing God can do things, will do things, and taking steps in that direction in your belief. I think I’m just going to be more free spirited. just think less and Do. 

I’ll try at least. keep me accountable please. I have so many friends who try to visualize things from every perspective, and I would admit that they do have a great influence on me. I must separate myself from that practice and live in faith 🙂

honestly, I’m just tired of thinking. God made things pretty clear.
Proclaim JC to the nations, and be like Jeebus. Done and Done.  well, its a little more complicated than that haha


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