today was my first time barhopping. I don’t ever enjoy saying it was my first time doing anything. Sometimes it just feels shameful because it can oftentimes reveal that you’re sheltered, untraveled, unweathered, innocent, weak. But today, I’m actually quite proud of it. I was in control, I maintained composure, and I even managed to talk about ministry and our leadership meeting tomorrow after a hoegaarden. 

That being said, I feel like today documents a momentous day. Yes it’s joanna’s birthday, and I’m glad she enjoyed the night, but it was more for the anticipation of tonight. We as christians tend to clump up anything that is considered off-limits: dating for fun, drinking, partying, clubbing, grinding, smoking, pre-marital sex, indulgence, hookah, dressing provocatively/revealing, cursing, partying, spending, etc etc. I am not the first to admit (and I promise I won’t be the last) I have been one of those christians for a long time. Drinking has been so foreign to me ever since I came to college. I have tried my best to make sure other people around me didn’t know that I was sheltered and had never been to northgate for anything other than starbucks or kyoto’s cheap sushi. That being said, I think tonight was just a reminder that we are of this world, but we are destined for another. I would never say that I am a deprived child, but tonight I realize I am most certainly reserved. 

Barhopping was fun, and I recognize many things can be. Thanks God, I realize there’s a lot to learn and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Next time, suicide bomb and flaming Dr. Pepper for sure. 


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