open door policy


I’ve been sharing this a lot lately. And, I have a great disciples to thank for teaching me this lesson. 

“We live in a way where we don’t allow God to close doors.”… That’s what Jonathan said first. He followed that with a short analogy a pastor had given him.

The pastor was going on a hiking trip with a friend. The friend said, “At the end of this hike, you will see the beautiful scenery you have never seen before, but the journey on this trail will be rough and tiring. You will want to turn back, and if you do, we can. But, I promise you, it is worth the trip.” 

So, they begin they trip, and it is tough. There are times where they want to turn back. They want to give up, but they keep pressing on. And finally…

The reach a cliff. and leading from this cliff is a narrow pipeline connecting to another cliff over yonder. Over the brush and the trees, on the other side, the pastor can see the rays of light overreaching and the beauty to be seen. 

The beauty and agony of this story is that this is a fair representation of the american church today. We have gone far enough to see God’s grace, but we fall just short enough to not experience it. 

We don’t live in a way where we allow God to close doors. If we’re standing in a hallway, we oftentimes take the door closet to us to escape the fear of choices. 

I don’t know how this story has impacted me lately, but I know it’s definitely something that will stay with me forever. God has already been affecting my academics, my future aspirations, my relationships… and you know what? Thank you God. 

I’m excited, anxious, but eager to be where God has me at this very moment. Praise Him for his greatness, His glory, and His provision. 


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