music for the soul

How I’m feeling right now. (haha, jenny fan’s right; tim be told is awesome.) 

If the world should end tomorrow
And no one’s by my side
My greatest fear and sorrow
Is to be alone tonight

The sky may fall
The earth could shake
And the seas could turn to stone
The sun may scorch me
Still I’ll be brave
But I’m scared to be alone

Don’t feel sorry for me
I’ll be stronger than I look
Though it’s real, the pain I feel
What if I keep holding on?
Someone hold me ’till I’m gone

If I sleep and never wake
If my body turns to bone
Death can rear his ugly face
I’m just scared to be alone

I am tired of this fight
But Heaven’s holding me tonight
God, our refuge; God of might
Be near, be near, oh God be near

Lovers leave and friends forsake
But there’s one thing that I know
My heart will heal and my heart will break
But I’ll never be alone


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