A few things I learned yesterday

  1. I’m not as personable as I thought I was. I do become shy and feel awkward at times.
  2. All nighters hurt. Coffee helps. And White Chocolate mocha ice coffee is now a new favorite
  3. Kirklands is great for holiday gifts
  4. If I’m ever in a last minute breach, just head to edible arrangements. 
  5. Never make requests that you know the other person may not be able to keep. 
  6. Muslim faithfulness is extremely devout. Fear > Love.
  7. Cod > Cat
  8. I reaffirm my view that gifts are my favorite love language. When I receive a gift, normally, I don’t know what to say. If you get me to that point, it means thank you x500. 
  9. permanent marker rubs off ceramic
  10. I can currently take up to 3.5. I wonder how much more…
  11. food and water help a lot. fuego has newfound respect. 

One thought on “A few things I learned yesterday

  1. l33t_S0lJ4 December 4, 2011 / 5:41 pm

    5. if you don’t challenge people, or you only give things they can accomplish…6. if you really think fear is a greater motivation than love, then you’re in the wrong place. with fear you’ll want to obey the law. with love you’ll want to fulfill the purpose of the law

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