10 things about you

  1. I don’t think spending money is inherently wrong. I believe God gave us many of the things in this world so that they could be enjoyed. After all, God gave himself for our benefit. 
  2. contrary to my roommate, I really like gift cards. What do I like more? A person to go shopping with me and to buy the item for me on the spot. 
  3. Right now, my strongest love languages are time and gifts. 
  4. I don’t like to hold grudges. I’m actually really bad at it. But, when I am truly hurt, I tend to hide my resentful feelings and not share them or allow them to be seen. 
  5. this past semester I got to see a glimpse of the true pain God feels every time we sin against Him. Then I began realizing how incredibly difficult it is for God to keep feeling that. Then I realized the magnitude of what He did next… forgive. 
  6. I don’t like donuts as much as I say I do. but i still really really like donuts. 
  7. I’m looking forward to the sequel series to Avatar: the last airbender.
  8. If someone doesn’t talk to on IM for a long time, or gives short responses, I immediately assume they don’t want to talk to me. I think this assumption is based off “the moon.”
  9. I’m generally very tolerant of ambiguous situations
  10. I love starbucks. one on ones, caramel apple cider, reading, studying, anything. Everything except the food. The food is far too expensive. 

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