10 Things You Hate (dislike)

  1. I dislike shopping for clothes and having reservations about my purchases. The worst thing bout shopping is the possibility that you have any doubts about making the purchase. It’s like finding something perfect, except for it’s single imperfection. It’s like a deal breaker.
  2. Speaking of deal breakers, Smoking and smokers. 
  3. I hate “That’s what she said” jokes. And it makes me respect the people who say them significantly less. When people tell those jokes, all it does is objectify women, and it shows very little respect to the sisters around you. To add insult to injury, leaves deep negative implications about the meaning of an intimate relationship that I cannot accept. 
  4. I hate the feeling I get when I am unable to support people on missions. I know the prayers I can lift up for people are more important than the money ic an give, but sometimes, it just doesn’t feel that significant. 
  5. I dislike unresponsive people. Best example: The person I like is horrible at texting back. Perhaps this is based mainly on the situation, but when I do text her, I don’t get a response right away. Sometimes for hours at a time. Or at all. Or maybe I just dislike that she doesn’t respond…
  6. I hate reading and studying statistics on rape. There’s just this heart wrenching feeling I get when I think deeply about rape. On our last women’s psych exam, we studied battered women, rape, child molestation, and sexual abuse. I walked out of every class angry. 
  7. I dislike people claiming the name of christ in a bold and acclaimed way when they express themselves in a self glorifying way. Essentially, I hate pride (my own included).
  8. Facebook. I know I’m addicted to it, and it is for that very reason I have not immediately reactivated the social networking website immediately after my finals. I know I love clicking that like button like it’s christmas, but after endless hours of profile stalking, I dislike myself after devoting so much time to something so pointless. 
  9. I hate lying. It wasn’t until this past semester, and maybe only these past couple months where I was reminded of the feeling you get when someone lies to you. We learn growing up that we shouldn’t tell lies, even if they’re “little white lies.” I used to lie a lot. When I was younger, I would lie about everything, even if there wasn’t a need to do so. After accepting Christ into my life, I can see how he has definitely changed my heart and who I am. I had completely forgotten what it feels like to find out someone has been lying to you; this heartbreaking feeling is so hard to overcome. The worst lie though is one you tell yourself. Do you think lying is as bad as I describe it to be? I don’t like lying…
  10. I hate the hesitancy I have to say that I’m in love with someone. or to tell someone that I love them. It’s so ingrained in me not to say those three words that it just gets confusing what I would say it for. I guess mostly, its frustrating because I am determined to feel more of God’s intended love for us so that I would know if my love for others is genuine. And to be truthful, when will that be? 

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