10 Items you can’t live without

Normally, I’d try my best to avoid materialistic thoughts, but I’ll make an exception for this post.

  1. My macbook. From the day I received this holy gift, my life has been changed. So portable, so powerful, so compact, so… aesthetically pleasing!
  2. Bible. As I learned throughout this semester, my entire life can be written and rewritten, but the lessons of which I am learning all stem from the written word of God. I learned this semester that if I had just poured into Ephesians earlier as I should have been, much of the stress from this past semester could have been avoided. 
  3. Journal. Prayer requests, diary entries, sermon notes, you name it. Everything goes in this one. Wherever my bible is, my journal is not far from it. 
  4. Gap Straight Leg Jeans (Classic Fit). I love these jeans to death. They fit almost every occasion, almost. And according to josh chern, they “make my butt look good.” I guess I’ll take that as a compliment. 
  5. Box(es) of Awesomeness. These boxes contain everything that has ever been dear to me. Little reminders of the past including notes, tickets, encouragograms from camp, name tags, and trinkets; all of these are extremely important to me. They remind me who I am and where I came from. I have 2 full boxes, and I’m working on filling the third. 
  6. Tim be Told – Humanity CD. The songs on this CD have pretty much gotten me through the past year of my life. The songs each have a powerful message, one that many of us can relate to. Their musical ministry has reached thousands of people, and it is very clear that the Gospel is where their hearts are. I’m extremely blessed to have heard their music, and any chance I get, I love sharing about how their music has sustained me and strengthened me. 
  7. My pillow. A friend and I stole these pillows from the Marriott hotel at UofH main campus. Best pillow ever. No one has ever complained after sinking into my pillow. This pillow will be with me always. 
  8. Starbucks Gold Card. This one is definitely the height of materialistic value. It has no monetary value (except for the $7.23 still on the card), and only intrinsic value. I “worked hard” to earn it, and now I can smile knowing that a gold painted piece of plastic says my name on it. Whoop!
  9. Aggie Ring. How else will people know I’m an aggie? I need something to play with when I’m bored. 
  10. School Portfolio. I have a multicolored portfolio with 12 dividers sectioned off that I used for my classes. It’s pretty heavy duty and all my class materials are sorted into each of these tabs. This little binder keeps my life organized and my papers from getting lost. Needless to say, I would fail all my courses if it weren’t for this $3.99 godsend. 

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