10 important people

I decided to do this anonymously. Everyone who I know reads my xanga is on here! I tried to keep it limited to just people I go to school with. If I didn’t, this would be a list of 20 people. Good luck figuring out which number you are!

  1. Wife, you keep me sane. You cook, you clean, you do my homework for me, you make my life bearable. I come home and I just get to pimp you every day. Best of all, you are my brother and I love you. I thank God everyday for making you so different from me, and most of all, making you tolerant. I know that it takes a lot of patience to be friends with me, but even mores, my roommate. Who said best friends can’t be roommates? Whoever said that hadn’t met you. If we’re still friends in 10 years, I want you to be my best man. Just go marry a girl named Caren or Kathy so I can do the same. Just kidding. Lol if you want me to take this down, I will. 
  2. Mother, you keep my sane too. I don’t know if you know how to cook, your room is evidence you can’t clean, and when we study together we never end up doing any of our homework. Nevertheless, I am thankful God put you in my life. You always say that I have grown significantly since coming to college. To be honest, you might be the only person I trust fully with words like that. Words of Encouragement doesn’t appear to be a true love language that I can receive from people most of the time, but from you, I know it’s genuine. Chris calls my friendship with you a golden one, and I’d like to keep it that way. Thanks for sticking with me all the way these past few years; you know I will. We complement each other in so many ways. If there’s one thing we have in common, it’s that we’re both extremely gullible. Don’t feel bad; the only reason why it doesn’t show as much and I don’t get tripped up as much is because I’m better at hiding it (and lying). 
  3. I never imagined we would be friends. I feel like God will always give me one guy that is extremely different from my, from skin color, to interests, background, etc. Although, that person always has awesome hair and is always taller than me. Thanks for sticking by me from the start of epic. Thanks for assuming the responsibility that eventually came to see as a privilege. You’re a great listener, and great talker (we both know that). I still remember the day we met. I just thought you were weird hanging out at our BBQ, serving food, sharing with people, you know? being awesome? 
  4. I knew we would be friends. I knew it, from the day I helped move you in. I was nervous too; your roommate was talking about how you were so HIGH MAINTENANCE. I believe it was one of the most awkward greetings I had ever had to sit through. Talk to the parents, talk to michael, talk to your roommate, talk to your roommate’s parents, talk to you, comment on your teal obsession. But somehow we became close. It was at the moment where I exclaimed, “When did you begin to feel so comfortable with me???” I knew I could trust you, and I knew you could do the same. Best of all, I could see that God was going to use you, and you had a desire to be used. That was why I trusted you. Then you mentioned the daughter thing and that blew my mind. You moved into my speed dial. Sorry, you won’t best Michael, Esther, or Chris anytime soon, but as long as you’re on there, we’ll be tight. I can say without a doubt, you’re my favorite freshman. 
  5. Popashot defines our relationship. Discipleship comes in all forms, and ours comes with an external goal of 500. You’ve taught me so much over the past year and a half. Even though you don’t always see it, you help reveal my shortcomings because God has made you so strong and unique. You embrace who God has made you to be with courage and pride. In that way, I want to be just like you, but of course like all things I say, that that with a grain of salt. Thanks for being my brother and trusting me to lead you over time in your walk with God. Even though we don’t talk that much about serious deep things, I know we have a serious deep relationship that Jesus can shine through. 
  6. Dude. Cookies. Fogo De Chao.
  7. Thank you so much for being an ear in this past month. Somehow I knew that when the time was necessary, sharing with you would be of a completely Godly desire. To share with a sister and receive so much wisdom and pray in return. I apologize for taking time out of your day, whether during finals or before, to vent and share my thoughts. In so many ways, the story you shared with me and the understanding you had for my circumstance gave my strength and confidence that I was really following the Lord. You had faith in me when I had none in myself; knowing someone was genuinely caring for me when I felt no one could be trusted was what I needed, so therefore, if there is someone to be thankful for, it is you. Thanks for helping me get through these trials and giving me wisdom. 
  8. You’re so intellectual, so smart, and so articulate. So many things about you shout Christ-follower. And the fact that you’ve chosen to pour into me makes me shout with joy. 🙂 Thank you for choosing to meet up with me every week when i was so inconsistent in our meetings. Each time, I know you wanted to cover ephesians, and now I wish i had, but I just wanted to talk. Thank you for catering to my needs and building me up as a fellow brother. your example to me gives me guidance on how to be an example to others. I know I am not perfect, but because you have been sent to engage in my maturation and sanctification, I am confident that I’ll only continue to grow upwards. 
  9. Talking with you was great too. We’d just get coffee together but we’d just dig a bit deeper into each other’s lives too. I can see so much of your broken past and I’m praying for you. I’m praying for the day where you’ll trust God completely with your life and know His goodness. Most of all, I think God has me here for an extra year just so I’ll be here to be your friend, your brother, your bffls. I hope that I can continue to be an example of Christ for you, one that reflects well on Jesus’s character, not human characteristics. I’ve grown to really care for you, and as this year progresses, i look forward to more coffee breaks at starbucks with you haha
  10. I know we don’t talk much, but we read about each other’s lives a lot. I can’t say thank you enough for putting up with my public and protected angst posts. I know I can’t read about yours as much now, but somehow I know you’re still there. When i write a post, next to cathy, i expect you to read them too. You could say, basically, I’m writing to you. I don’t  care what anyone else things, just your thoughts. So as I have prayed for you in your hardships in college/relationships/future, I hope you’d be doing the same for me. Thanks bro. 

(Sorry! if you were the person I wrote “10 things I want to say to one person”, you’re not on this list. Sadly, that post was private)


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