Sh*tuff Christian Girls Say

It’s definitely over-exaggerated, but adequately… amusing. Okay, to be honest, I was laughing on the inside. But this video irked me more than it made me smirk or smile. I think it’s irritating because I have many sisters in Christ who buy into the religiosity of God “leading them” to the right man.

Many of them are also Christian sisters of asian descent. They hold unfathomable high expectations for the brothers in their lives, and then, they expect those same brothers to take initiative, overcome their afflictions, and affirm them. To add insult to injury, they begin to congregate around their “loneliness” and commune about their failed love lives.

Saying, “God loves me, and that’s enough.” is very different than believing it.

– Angry Asian Man

(Even as I smile through my sarcasm, I can’t help but think there is probably some truth in my satire.)


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