If I use this word to describe you or someone else, I mean it not to ridicule your character, but describe how childish or naïve you are. Naturally, you would probably take offense to this anyway, but it is the best way to describe how most of us are. An immature person is someone who clearly isn’t exhibiting adult-like mature behavior. It’s really interesting how this word has evolved over the past month since Jonathan first defined the word “immature” without all the associated judgements of immature people.

  1. If someone was angry that his roommate pursued the person he liked before he did, he is being immature.
  2. If someone is still communing with someone even there has been a clear falling out because of their emotional attachment to that person, he is being immature.
  3. If someone continues to rationalize and hold onto the hope that things will return to normal after experiencing brokeness, he is being immature.
  4. If someone is angry that the person that he liked previously begins liking someone else, he is being immature.
  5. If someone is angry that someone has developed feelings for them, and he blames that other person for developing those feelings and ruining their relationship, he is being immature.
  6. If someone falls in love with the idea of falling in love, he is being immature.
  7. If someone holds onto a bitterness and is unwilling to express forgiveness, he is being immature

none of us have immaculate conceptions. We are all immature. Lol, it’s fun using this word though.


One thought on “immature

  1. lightoftheworld12 February 24, 2012 / 6:41 pm

    your definition of immature is over the heads of the 45 immature 9th graders i spend my day with.

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