words of affirmation

I’ve been challenged before, but this is even more challenging, haha.

Today was my small group’s first volleyball game. We didn’t win, but that’s okay. I’m pretty happy. All of last week we had practices, not everyday, but just about every other day. We worked on drills, passing, setting, foot movement, communication, and everything else pertinent to the game of volleyball. Ultimately, that didn’t prevent us from winning; confidence did, or lack thereof.

For me, it wasn’t really frustrating to see us lose, but I can’t say that we did a great job. All through the practices, I just kept encouraging them, kept giving them advice, and just kept playing with them. And honestly? They got A LOT BETTER. Day one the ball was going 3 feet to the left of their target and 2 feet short. 11 days later, they’re actually able to coordinate their hands to hit the ball over the net. I’m really proud of them for putting their foot forward and trying something new. I don’t know if I were a freshman, whether or not I’d be confident enough to try something new. Actually, even today, I don’t know if someone told me to try something new whether I’d have the courage to try it. I’d be scared of failing, or worse, scared of disappointing the person who encouraged me.

But in their shoes, they stepped up, and took a swing. The score was 25-16 and 25-20. Not bad haha. I think they did great. And at the end, we got to live out our visiion of movements everywhere by praying with KYX. I thought that was awesome. And after huddling with the other power rangers, they all said they’re really motivated to play more now. Working on molding themselves to be better, and being commited in the process. that just feels and sounds awesome to me.

My challenge is to continue the slew of words of affirmation and encouragement. my least effective love language is definitely Words, but I feel like this is a worthwhile challenge. I love watching them grow. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to stay at A&M another year. Thank you for my small group.


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