UIWRSO Supplementary Application

Provide a brief comment as to why you believe the optometry program at UIWRSO is a good fit for you

At UIWRSO’s Open House, Professor Russell Coates, shared about the multitude of opportunites that we would have to reach out to the community. Earlier in the year, when Ms. Benne visited Texas A&M, she shared that for people who want to serve the community, the most important thing is to find and seek out opportunities to do outreach.  She had seen one too many students lose the passion and  excitement they entered UIW with because they were overwhelmed by the workload and lost sight of their own vision. When I imagine myself pursuing a career in optometry, I often see myself focusing my attention on pediatrics or working with Unite For Sight, but I also know that I would need to continue to invest in serving the community concurrently in order to find further encouragement. I believe UIW would be an environment that would provide a healthy balance between professional education and service.

Provide any additional information that may assist the Admissions Committee in evaluating your application.

When I evaluate my grades upon submission for my application, I cannot say I have exhausted all my efforts into my academics these last four years of undegrad. To be honest, much of my attention has been toward Epic Movement, the christian organization that I helped spearhead and direct for the last three years. I have seen my passion for reaching the campus and my love for Epic members grow tremendously in those years, and now as I’m about to graduate, I see myself moving onward to the next stage of life. I believe that God is directing me to attend optometry school so that I can serve and assist people in the optometric field. I believe this new passion to love and serve people in San Antonio or anywhere else will motivate me to invest my time in my studies more than ever before.

So, what do you think?


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